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Terminal Records

香港獨立音樂廠牌 Terminal Records 由2023年成立,座擁五個單位包括Luna Is A Bep 及其樂隊Luna and The Bosin 、Clave、Noisy Charlie 及 RAM。各單位音樂風格多變,以實驗精神無框架地創作,務求讓聽眾感受純粹的音樂律動,呈現不一樣的美學體驗。


Terminal Records 是一間獨立運作的音樂廠牌,工作內容包括作曲、編曲、填詞、監製、混音工程及母帶後期處理。除了音樂製作外,廠牌亦承包藝人管理、行銷經營、文案策劃及音樂會製作。廠牌堅守「以實驗精神無框架地創作」,把關每個細節,將理念如實呈現。

Terminal Records is an independent music label based in Hong Kong, established in 2023. The label comprises five units, including Luna Is A Bep and their band Luna and The Bosin, Clave, Noisy Charlie, and RAM. Each unit has a diverse music style, creating without boundaries and with an experimental spirit, aiming to convey pure musical rhythms and provide unique aesthetic experiences for the audience.


As an independent music label, Terminal Records is involved in various aspects of music production, including composing, arranging, songwriting, producing, mixing and mastering. In addition to music production, the label also undertakes artist management, marketing, copywriting, and concert production. The label adheres to its philosophy of creating without boundaries and with an experimental spirit, paying close attention to every detail to accurately convey their ideas.

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