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Noisy Charlie


Noisy Charlie 嘈查理三位成員早在求學時期認識,後來在討論區認識主音 C long,因緣際會下在 2016 年組成現時的四人樂隊班底。  Noisy Charlie 是一個意念的具象化人物,用聲音演繹情感,表達意想和理念。當各種不同的意念與音樂互相衝擊所產生的音色是噪音還是共鳴,留待世人自行判斷。

The three founding members of Noisy Charlie got to know each other when they were studying. Later on, they met their vocalist C Long through an online forum, and ultimately formed the current four-man-band in 2016. “Noisy Charlie” is a figurative character of ideas, presented by voice to provoke thoughts and image. It’s for the world to decide if it’s noise or resonance when they hear the collision of soul and music.

Latest album - Sit Back

Previous shows

Noisy Charlie @ Terminal Records

Noisy Charlie - Sit Back (Official Music Video)

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