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Drive-By is a fusion jazz hiphop trio from Hong Kong.


The things we've been through

The places we've been to

The sounds we listen to


Driving with imagination, no direction, only aspiration

By the strength given by the endless road in our minds

Latest album - Lands Between

Lands Between
(Debut Vinyl EP)

Drive-by come with their first debut Vinyl EP, Lands Between in Terminal Records.


The Vinyl is now released and on sale in Analog Department Records and Infree Records or DM our Instagram for the vinyl.


Appreciation to our good friends in this album.



駕駛著Drive-by去看我們各人心中的風景是一件有趣的事。'The times will heal because I believe in music, in times of need I won't be leaving you sick.'




Appreciation to our good friends in this album.

Latest single - Heaven's Phone

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