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源自西班牙文的 Clave 是一種傳統樂器,同時也是常見於非裔古巴族群音樂場域的獨有節奏,經常給人新鮮、具啟發性的印象,能以不同面貌融入各種音樂類型當中。由 2015 年成團開始,Clave 以此為名,就是希望團員能以自己的聲音,持續創作獨立音樂。

由最初的 Neo Soul 和 R&B 風格開始, 慢慢進化至現在的 Alternative、Triphop,主音 Vivienne 空靈的歌聲和 Clave 的獨有節拍都希望帶領大家走入另一個維度,在音樂中逃離煩囂現實,跟着音符親身走入 Clave 舞動的旋律之中。

The name “Clave” comes from a traditional instrument that is commonly seen in the African-Cuban music scene. With it’s unique rhythm, it often gave people a fresh and inspiring impression and could be integrated into all kinds of music with different looks. Formation of Clave was inspired by it in 2015, hoping that the members could continue to compose independent music with their own unique voices.

From their Neo Soul and R&B style at the beginning, it gradually evolved to the Funk, City pop Fusion they have currently. No matter which type of music it is, the ethereal airy voice of vocalist Vivienne matches the unique rhythm and approach of the band, leading everyone to another dimension that escapes from the disturbance of reality in their music.

Latest album - Say Goodbye To

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Clave @ Terminal Records

Latest single - WNW

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