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Luna & The Bosin

Luna & The Bosin

香港說唱歌手 Luna Is A Bep 機緣巧合下認識的一群朋友,組成了她在現場表演時的恆常 Live Band;在 2022 年首次共同創作單曲〈overthinking〉之後,這群創作人於 2023 年下定決心發展為「Luna and The Bosin」團隊,既是樂隊身份,同時共同參與 Luna Is A Bep 歌曲的幕後創作。


各成員在 Bosin 以外同時分屬不同樂隊,各有自己喜好的音樂類型,結集成 Bosin 時則強調 Rhythm and Groove,結合 Luna 的歌聲和 Old School Hip Hop 的節奏演繹,希望大家在演出時放任身軀隨旋律舞動,用身體感受 Luna and The Bosin 的律動。

Gathered by fate and love for music, Hong Kong rapper Luna Is A Bep met a group of musician friends, and formed her very own live band After their collaboration in the single "overthinking" in 2022. It led up to the formation of "Luna and The Bosin" in 2023.

Each members of The Bosin are also growing independent musicians of different local bands. The unique characteristics of their music and music preferences merged within The Bosin to emphasise Rhythm and Groove, matching with Luna's voice and unique approach to rhythm of Old School Hip Hop. They are here for a simple goal: make your body groove as your mind free-falls into the melody and flows.

Latest single of Luna & The Bosin - 君莫問

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Luna and The Bosin - Overthinking


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